Our Vision

Through God ’s grace and provision, we aspire for our church to be a light (a witness) for Christ in the community of Port Aransas. (Acts 2) 

We hope:

  • To be known for our generosity to those in need, especially fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • To be known for our love for each other and for the lost in our community.
  • To be known as welcoming for anyone that is seeking God’s truth.
  • To “have favor” in our community because of the life changing impact of the Gospel on the hearts and lives of people.
  • That God will consistently add saints and new believers to our congregation as the Port Aransas community witnesses what the Father God has done in our lives and church.

We aspire to see believers in our congregation mature in Christ.

We desire that:

  • Individuals in our congregation know our Savior intimately and live in obedience to Him as a response to who He is and all that He has done for each of us.
  • Believers in our congregation are “consistently devoted” to studying God’s Word, prayer, fellowship, and the Lord’s Supper. (Acts 2:42)
  • Our individual and corporate praise worship be genuine expressions of our awe and gratitude for who our Savior is.
  • Believers in our body intentionally develop relationships and seek Spirit led opportunities to share their testimony and the gospel of Christ with associates in the community.
  • Believers in our body demonstrate the love of Christ to others (I Cor. 13) and live differently than the world. (Romans 12:2)
  • Believers attending our church identify and utilize their spiritual gifts to minister to each other and the community.
  • Believers in our body give to God’s work from their finances generously and sacrificially, as directed by Scripture with guidance from the Holy Spirit.

We aspire to have an abundance of resources to optimally minister to all ages, Christian maturity levels, and to meet the unique needs of people in a growing coastal resort area. 

We aspire to have:

  • An abundance of well-trained ministry leaders who are mature in Christ and Biblically knowledgeable.
  • An adequate number of individuals who meet Biblical qualifications for serving in leadership positions over our church.
  • Adequate infrastructure and funding to optimally spread the gospel to our community and surrounding areas in order to accommodate expected population growth in our area.
  • Additional resources to expand support of select international missions.
  • Multiple corporate services to meet growth needs, including a service to accommodate the schedules of weekend resort workers.

Our Mission  |  Our Core Values